Wagering Tips For Latest Football Games

Old enemies collide as Chelsea versus Barcelona matches coming up this weekend. There are special offers being put on several sports booking sites such as placing a bet of £10 will get you a free additional £30 bet. Such offers make it more lucrative to place bets on football matches that are ongoing. As of 20th February, the old foes met on Stamford Bridge, which was after a time span of six years after they locked horns with each other. Chelsea hosted Barcelona for the first time as one of the Champions League matches. The best wagering tips that made the rounds of the game was that Barcelona would win and Luis Suarez would score. There were other wagering bets on the scores that Eden Hazard and Lionel Messi would make. Barcelona seems to be running away with the La Liga cup as well as Lionel Messi which could be disadvantageous for Antonio Conte’s side.

If we look at Messi’s performance trends, he has not been able to score against Chelsea before, but it was predicted that the Argentine maestro will be able to bag a first for which the wagering bets were 16/5. It was predicted that Messi will battle for a dominant position and Eden Hazard will also be a formidable opponent. Luis Suarez was also a man worth watching out for as he is a man who is now in excellent form. He has also scored big against Chelsea and for such reasons the wagering bets for Suarez have been high.

Though this game is over today, it gives you a glimpse of how the predictions work and wagering of bets are decided upon. Many sports booking sites make it exciting by offering lucrative wins by predicting scores for the ongoing games. Those who wish to make the right predictions or choose the right wagering combination would get insight from the reviews and trends that are showcased and discussed at different sites such as at https://www.unibet.co.uk/livecasino.

If you wish to stay ahead of the latest football games and wager to near accuracy, all you need to do is know the games that are scheduled ahead and the teams who are playing. Check on their past performances, especially against each other and know the changes that exist in the team makeup. As individual players and their present playing form also make a difference, such data needs to be known. Research on player form, their past performances, the teams that are scheduled to play their immediate past victories or failures and score trends. All such insight can help in making near accurate wagering bets. With such bets wagered you will end up making lucrative wins.

Find the right sports booking site to make your wagering of bets an exciting event. Most sports booking sites have special promotional offers and schemes that make wagering of bets on football matches more exciting as you watch the matches and see the outcomes unfold. With varieties of bets there are always ways to win for football games.


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