Southampton – Portsmouth among the Biggest English Football Rivalries

English football is often seen as more than just a sport – the combination of pain, passion and dedication have turned it into a way of life for many football fans worldwide. The stakes are even higher for the players, so there is bound to be even more zeal in their attempt to defend their club’s name and reputation.

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In the football stadium showdowns, it is evident that certain football clubs tend to be more aggressive with each other than others. Either due to a past grudge, geographical closeness or just some animosity among individual players of the two teams, rivalry among English football clubs is alive and well. The following are just a few from the pool who have appeared to show above average fervency in their attempts to defeat their rivalling clubs.


Southampton vs. Portsmouth

This rivalry among the two neighbouring football clubs is still flourishing, even though they no longer take part of the same league. While the fate of the two clubs has shifted in opposite directions, both of their constituents have remained determined to honour the ‘South Coast Derby’ and their nicknames, The Saints and Pompey. You could have a look here for their official ranks and points, but don’t be fooled – despite their differences, both teams are known to offer great value.


Birmingham vs. Aston Villa

The rivalry between these two football clubs seems to be coming from all sides. It is called the ‘Second City Derby’ or ‘Birmingham Derby’ interchangeably, as Birmingham is in fact the second city of the UK. Even with an ever-growing population and supporters, the Blues suffered relegation, so there haven’t been many fierce encounters between the two. Nonetheless, Aston Villa’s takeover of the former Birmingham coach, Alex McLeish was a definite challenge. It doesn’t matter he resigned shortly afterwards, as the derby was reignited.


Tottenham vs. Arsenal

If you thought the coach move was daring, wait until you hear about Arsenal’s annual holiday – St. Totteringham’s Day held at the end of the league season. They use this day to celebrate ranking higher in the Premier League than their rivals, even though there hasn’t been much reason to celebrate in the past years.

The ‘North London Derby’ is definitely a memorable affair, and it doesn’t seem like either the Spurs or the Gunners are ready to raise the white flag just yet.

Liverpool vs. Manchester United

A rivalry in the true sense, and colour, of the word can be noted between Liverpool and Manchester United players. The Reds and the Red Devils are often proclaimed first position regarding English football rivalries, so it’s only natural that it is known as The Red Rivalry.

Despite lack of geographical connection or historic grudges, these two teams have been on fighting terms since the years of Liverpool’s dominance in the Premier League. They shifted places during the era of Sir Alex Ferguson with the Devils, and now that neither of them holds the upper hand, there are bound to be more sparks when they meet on the court.





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