Nathan Redmond pledges to give to charity for every goal or assist

It’s safe to say that Nathan Redmond hasn’t had the brightest start to the 2017/18 season, but after joining a charity scheme named Right To Play, the Southampton winger has the perfect incentive to once again get firing on all cylinders. 

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In recent weeks a number of Premier League footballers have hit the headlines for agreeing to donate 1% of their weekly salary toward charity; but rather than giving a weekly fixed percentage, Redmond has opted to become an ambassador for the Right To Play charity, meaning that for every goal or assist he registers in red and white, he’ll provide access to a years education for up to 33 deprived children.

Every week the lives of over one million children are being transformed through the charity, as they play Right To Play games and learn to bring about positive change. 14,400 specially-trained volunteer Coaches are currently delivering programmes focused on the most critical areas of child development: the quality of their education, their ability to stay healthy and their potential to help build peaceful communities. ​​

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It’s only early days working alongside the charity, but already Redmond’s felt great pride through being in the position to help those less fortunate.

“It’s something I felt was right to do and I was very happy to do” said Redmond.

“With every goal and every assist I make a donation which goes straight to them. One donation will help 33 children so that’s a massive difference from one goal or an assist.

“The more I do on the pitch I know subconsciously it’s helping out the kids. I’ve had two assists this season and no goals yet but I’m sure they’ll be coming. Afterwards when the game’s finished, instantly you think about that. I’ve had two assists this season and that’s over 60 kids helped. I’m delighted with that so far.”

An extra incentive to score for Southampton and you’re giving to charity? Now that’s an idea I can get behind, Nathan.


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