2017-18 Premier League cups – Understanding the tough and easiest starts

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In this article we shall provide you with quick fixtures for you to guess a glimpse of season ahead.

In the premier league, each team has to compete against every other team. A team having a tough start can be considered as a winning team and opening fixtures can further accelerate the team towards its winning success.

You can refer to the graphs for 2017-18 season to study the winning pattern of the top rated teams. Let’s highlight some of the winning patterns here.

Southampton and West ham are considered as easiest starts as they both had an opportunity to play 5 weak teams out of 6 in the first of 10 matches. As compared to this, Tottenham played 4 weak teams out of 6 and had around 7 fixtures.

When speaking of toughest starts, Everton is heading the list as they have to play 4 out of 5 to qualify for the league. In the same row, Leicester had to face against 4 strong teams out of 6 initially.

Key numbers talk!

According to past reports for last 18 matches Chelsea has been winning fixtures for opening day. They had to face around 3 draws. They have never been beaten ever since 98 or 99 league. So if you were to place your bets then this team would be ideal for this premier league. They have a much better chance of winning this season as well. It is mostly wise for bookies who are looking to make a profit and lack experience in Sports betting to start with placing free bets. Free bets are bonuses provided by the different online brands that allow bookies to place bets at a minimum risk. Betters can also click on the link to get information specifically regarding free bets on Cheltenham 2018 league.

Next stands Watford on the list as the team has not been defeated this season yet. For their last ten matches the team had managed to win 5 out and had to face a 5 match draw.

Manchester City also has a very good track record as they only had to face a 1 draw match this season and won around 7 out of eight matches. Everton, on the other hand, has only managed to win 1 match out of their 9 fixtures opening. They also have a score of 4 draws in a row.

Stroke are still suffering to have an opening in present season out of their 7 matches played.

According to experts placing bets on Everton certainly is not advisable. Next suggestion would be the Leicester who have had a very tricky start. They have managed to play against five out of six teams that are tough out of ten games. It is also expected that the team has yet to deal with four more tough teams this season in opening matches.

Arsenal is also believed to have a very slow start in the initial stage as nothing much is expected from their gameplay till late September.

Easiest starts teams

Claude Puel can try and win back the victory and faith of the fans, as they may only have to face one from six this season, while all others are almost relegated. In 2017-18 it is also certain that West Ham has shown a very slow and gentle start.


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